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Provide information to your community’s neighbors using WhatsApp

Provide information to your community’s neighbors using WhatsApp
  • By GestionaTuComunidad

Offer information through WhatsApp to your customers. This new communication tool for your business can help you improve your relationship with customers.

Some companies, communities, etc. offer messaging via SMS, do you really still use them? I’m sure you have your phone’s message tray full of unopened SMS. Nowadays I don’t think there is anything more comfortable than finding the information you are looking for through WhatsApp.

So, it’s time to innovate and embrace the times. Check the WhatsApp Messages module here and include it in your management strategies.   

The information that the neighbors will be able to consult through this app will also be able to do it in the web or the app of GestionaTuComunidad. These messages and information are pre-designed so they will be fully automatic, in this way you will save the time you spend answering WhatsApp or even phone calls with this type of information.

Among other options, some of which can be consulted by customers:

  • Contact details of the centre
  • Help to download the App
  • Future appointments
  • Cancel future appointment
  • The status of the quota
  • Pay the fee
  • Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) through their tags

How to use Whatsapp with GestionaTuComunity?

The process is simple for both parties.

On the one hand, the administrator should check that the neighbors have padded the phone field in their tabs, with prefix included. And on the other hand, to communicate with the administrator, the neighbors will only have to add you to their contact list «et voilà».

It is not possible that several neighbors have the same phone number.

The first 50 messages are free!

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